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Was beim Wetter die Weltorganisation für Meteorologie (WMO) ist, ist bei den Gletschern der Welt-Gletscher-Beobachtungsdienst (WGMS). Der WGMS feierte sein 30-jähriges Bestehen an der Uni Zürich mit einem Symposium.
Tagesanzeiger 31.08.2016

WGMS Jubiläum (Englisch)

Die NASA zeigt eindrücklich wie die globale Temperatur Jahr für Jahr seit 1880 zugenommen hat. Urheber der Grafik ist Joshua Stevens, ein ehemaliger fellow unserer GIVA-Abteilung. Tagesanzeiger, 22.08.2016

In der Sommerserie zum Internationalen Jahr der Geographie porträtierte die Zeitung Glattaler Geographen und Geographinnen aus der Region. Einer von ihnen war Max Maisch, Glattaler, 22.07.2016

As part of the project on contested rural development, the study by GIUZ Alumna Monika Hess and Sabino Ruiz Flores on the interplay between the grassroots, indigenous peasant organizations and the state in Bolivia  has now been published in spanish: Spanish version, English version

Welcome to the Department of Geography

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The map above depicts a landscape of publications that were published by group leaders of the Department of Geography at the University of Zurich (GIUZ) and their co-authors. Authors who are in close proximity in the landscape share many more similar terms and concepts in their paper titles and abstracts than authors who are placed further apart in this landscape. The colored zones coincide with the thematic research areas at the GIUZ: Human Geography, Physical Geography, GIScience and Remote Sensing.

You can click on a name in the landscape to reveal more information about a group leader. You will find the three most relevant and descriptive words describing a researcher's publications. The pie chart visualizes the semantic proximity of each group leader to the other thematic research areas at the GIUZ.


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